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U.S. National Institutes of Health
Last Updated: 05/15/14

Research Funding

The primary responsibility of RRP is to the grantees and contractors of NCI and NIH awards. In 2013, RRP administered 152 awarded grants, primarily through the Radiotherapy Development Branch. A breakdown of these awards is presented under the RRP Fiscal Year Grant Dollars tab on the left. The remaining sections provide links to useful grant-related information including general guidelines and tutorials for grantees from NCI and other NIH institutes (under applying for an NIH grant), application forms and human subjects research guidelines. There is also a link to the SBIR site (Small Business Research Funding Opportunities), which include solicitations for development of radiation-related technologies (under applying for an NIH grant).

Table 1. RRP grant award mechanisms used in 2013.

Award Mechanisms Percentages
Research Project Grants (R01) 74%
Exploratory Grants (R21) 10%
Small Research Grants (R03) 5%
Cooperative Agreements (U10/U24/54) 3%
Research Program Project Grants (P01) 3%
Conference Grants (R13) 2%
Academic Research Awards (R15) 1%
Research Transition Award (R00) 1%
Merit Award (R37) 1%
RRP Grant Award Mechanisms Used in 2013