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Picture of Telesynergy equipmentThe TELESYNERGY® system is a medical consultation workstation that allows for the collaboration of multiple professionals using many different technologies. TELESYNERGY® is a PC based videoconferencing system that was created to allow professionals to collaborate using all necessary tools regardless of distance or time. At it's core is a dual-processor PC that houses the components necessary to physically run the video conference as well as an integrated videoconferencing CODEC - COmpression-DECompression. Attached to this CODEC are a variety of imaging peripherals including a diagnostic quality Olympus microscope, patient exam camera, color video printer, radiology monitors, document camera, etc. The TELESYNERGY® system is quite robust in it's multi-imaging capabilities. It integrates these imaging peripherals into one system and allows them to be used in concert during a video conference. All devices transmit through the system to the other end, where they are viewed in near-diagnostic quality. While the system has radiology software and has the ability to capture images from the imaging devices, it was not designed to exclusively produce images. You can take a "snapshot" of an image from the microscope, the patient exam camera, etc to save and view later, and you can even print it using the color video printer, but TELESYNERGY® is used more for real time transmittal of audio and video data for medical consultation purposes.

Since TELESYNERGY® is PC based; it can easily be integrated into a variety of environments. It was designed for functionality, ease of use and interoperability. Given that the Windows based PC market is around 97% of all personal computers sold, this system will integrate with nearly all systems and databases that exist.

This system is fully HIPAA compliant by using a variety of qualifiers. Firstly, all patient identifying data is masked from all films, CT's and digital files. Physicians are required to identify the patients in discussion by non-identifying criteria - Patient A, Patient B, etc. Finally, all TELESYNERGY® to TELESYNERGY® conferences are encrypted using 112-bit 3DES encryption.

TELESYNERGY® was recently redesigned to reduce it's cost, and upgrade all components to the latest available. This significantly reduced the system footprint, by consolidating a variety of major components and integrating them into one PC. By integrating these components into the PC also decreased the amount to training required to use the system, as most people now know how to operate a Windows computer at least on a basic level. All conferences run over an ISDN PRI line (US), or an ISDN PRA ( Europe ) line. This allows for a transmission of 768kps, guaranteed quality of service, and near-diagnostic quality video. All conferences run over a dedicated line, and the TELESYNERGY® "network" is not susceptible to the slowdowns experienced on the internet.

This is an exciting time in the TELESYNERGY® program. As was mentioned above, we just upgraded the system for added functionality and ease of use. We have integrated a variety of new components into the system and we are excited about this version. We recently encumbered funds, which allowed us to purchase a TELESYNERGY® system for the NCI Liaison Office in Brussels , Belgium . We just finished purchasing of this system and the components are en route to Brussels . This will be the first TELESYNERGY® v3 system currently in Europe and we are excited about getting that system up and running.


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