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Last Updated: 05/15/14

Oncology Outreach

Oncology Outreach:

  1. Plans, develops and executes the Cancer Disparities Research Partnerships (CDRP) Program;

  2. Coordinates activities of the CDRP Program with related programs within the NCI and NIH;

  3. Serves as a focal point for extramural radiation oncology programs as it relates to cancer disparities research, infrastructure development and the strengthening of training and education in this research area;

  4. Organizes workshops and conferences with appropriate collaborators on topics of interest to the extramural field, the NCI and the NIH;

  5. Confers with radiation oncology experts to explore new approaches and initiatives that will enhance the field’s participation in the national cancer effort;

  6. Provides information and guidance on: the integration and application of telemedicine/teleconferencing systems and the development of radiation oncology research collaborative arrangements and partnerships;

  7. Explores ways to promote and facilitate scientific interactions amongst radiation oncologists and their colleagues through working groups/studies. Informal meetings of professionals committed in their support of an international cancer effort.

Contact Information:

Rosemary Wong, PhD

Molecular Radiation Therapeutics Branch