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Radiation Research Program
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Last Updated: 09/18/23

Clinical Trials

The Clinical Radiation Oncology Branch: (1) Plans, develops, executes and administers a program that facilitates clinical/translational radiation oncology research, with radiation oncology broadly defined to include radiation used alone and in combination with physical, surgical chemical, immunologic and other biological agents, hyperthermia and radiation modifiers; (2) Serves as a focal point for radiation oncologists to relate to the NCI in terms of its research and training programs; (3) Reviews all clinical trials involving radiation therapy and assists and advises the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program and the Cancer Imaging Program in protocol review and the radiotherapy aspects of the clinical cooperative group program; (4) Collects and disseminates information on cancer treatment research involving radiotherapy and allied disciplines; (5) Conceptualizes and organizes workshops and conferences with appropriate collaborators and disseminates workshop reports and summaries; (6) Participates in clinical, developmental, investigational, educational and extra-mural community-related activities of the Radiation Oncology Sciences Program, including the Radiation Oncology Branch and the Cancer Disparities Research Partnerships: In consultation and collaboration with the Radiotherapy Development Branch and Medical Physics, participates in quality assurance activities, cooperative group liaisons, on site reviews of the NCI and NIH; (7) Participates in the activities and initiatives of NCI's International Collaborations Working Group (ICWG) and the Office of International Affairs (OIA).