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Radiation Research Program
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Last Updated: 09/09/20

Radiation Research Program Working Group

About the Radiation Research Program Working Groups

The Radiation Research Program has a long-standing tradition of facilitating networking and dissemination of new findings through its various Working Groups that comprise the multidisciplinary communities of the radiation sciences. WGs collectively support development of clinical trials that incorporate radiation approaches, development of guidelines for the field, organization of workshops, and publication of editorials and reports.

Working Groups Teleconference Schedule

Detailed information about each respective WG are linked to the table below:

Working Group Meeting Frequency Details of Meeting
Brain Metastases & GBM Alternating between subgroups monthly Brain Mets subgroup: WebEx conference every last Monday in January March, May, July, September, November at 5:00pm ET.

GBM subgroup: WebEx Conference every last Monday in February, April, June, August, October and December at 2:00pm ET.
Grid, Lattice, Flash & Microbeam Radiotherapy Working Group Each sub-group meets monthly. Grid Biology subgroup: WebEx conference every 1st Tuesday between 11:00am – 12:00noon ET.

Grid Physics subgroup: WebEx conference every 2nd Wednesday between 12:00noon – 1:00pm ET.

Grid Clinical subgroup: WebEx conference every 3rd Wednesday between 11:00am – 12:00noon ET.
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Working Group Quarterly Group quarterly via WebEx and meets twice a year in-person at NRG oncology meeting. Meetings are set as needed
NCT Working Group Quarterly WebEx conference every 1st Monday in February, May, August & November at 5pm ET.
Quantitative Imaging in Radiation Therapy Working Group Monthly WebEx conference every 3rd Monday at 11am ET.
Immunotherapy & Radiation Working Group Monthly New schedule pending beginning in June 2020
Sarcoma Working Group Monthly WebEx conference every 4th Wednesday at 2:00pm ET.
Gastrointestinal Malignancy Working Group Monthly WebEx conference every last Thursday at 1:00pm ET.
TRT Dosimetry Working Group Monthly WebEx conference every 1st Wednesday at 3:00pm ET.
TRT Working Group Monthly WebEx conference every 2nd Monday at 2:00pm ET.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 NCT 5P (ET)
Grid Bio 11A (ET) TRT Dosim 3P (ET)
2 TRT 2P (ET) Grid Phys 12P (ET)
3 QIRT 11A (ET) Grid Clin 11A (ET)
4 BM&GBM 2P (ET)
Alt. Monthly

Alt. Monthly
Sarco 2P (ET) GI Mal 2P (ET)

Interested in becoming a Working Group member?

Please contact the Coordinator as listed for each respective Working Group found on the individual WG pages.

Molecular Radiation Therapeutics Branch