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Last Updated: 11/26/19

Radiotherapy Development Branch

Radiotherapy Development Branch (RDB) is one of the two branches of the Radiation Research Program (RRP) that works closely with the Clinical Radiation Oncology Branch (CROB). RDB serves as a key resource within the US Government to foster improved understanding of therapeutic utility of radiation and other forms of energy. Using a variety of existing funding mechanisms and novel collaborations across NCI and NIH, and also partnering with other U.S. Government agencies, RDB supports basic, preclinical, and translational research related to improving the outcomes of radiation treatment to cancer patients; safety, efficacy, and quality-of-life. Within NIH and NCI, it serves as a focal point to advance basic and preclinical research in Radiation Oncology. The branch manages grants and collaborative agreements in a wide range of topics including studies on Cellular Responses to Radiation, Radiation-Induced Normal Tissue Injury, Discovery and Development of Biomarkers and Predictive Assays, Radiation-Effect Modulators, Nanoparticles, Tumor Microenvironment, Radiation Immune Effects, Molecular Targeting, and Tumor Signaling. In addition to grants management, RDB is also involved in promoting radiobiology education.

RDB’s grant portfolio is managed by the two Program Directors, Drs. Pataje G Prasanna and Mansoor Ahmed, who conduct workshops to identify research gaps, develop consensus and stimulate research in thrust areas. They advise, in their own areas of expertise as below, potential applicants and grantees who perform cutting edge research in Radiation Biology/Oncology:

Dr. Pataje G Prasanna
Tel: 240-276-5690
Dr. Prasanna joined NCI in May 2009 and currently oversees a portfolio of grants, which study radiation-induced normal tissue injury, radiation-effect modulators, biomarkers, and nanotechnology. He serves as the liaison for the collaboration between NCI’s Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) Development Center and the Radiation Research Program

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed
Tel: 240-276-5700
Dr. Ahmed joined NCI in March 2012 and manages a portfolio of grants in signal transduction, radiation immune response, cancer stem cells, and in vitro and in vivo models in radiotherapy. He also serves as the Head of the Molecular Radiation Therapeutics Internal Program.

Contact Information:
Michael Graham Espey, PhD
Chief, Radiotherapy Development Branch

Molecular Radiation Therapeutics Branch