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Last Updated: 05/17/13

James A. Deye, PhD

James A. Deye, PhD

Program Director, NCI, DCTD, RRP

James A. Deye received his PhD in nuclear physics from Vanderbilt University based on research conducted at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a recipient of both Atomic Energy Commission and Oak Ridge Associated University Fellowships. He held a faculty position at the University of Dayton before completing a post-doctoral position in medical physics at the University of Cincinnati. Subsequent to spending 2 years at the City of Hope Medical Center in Los Angeles, he became Associate Director of medical physics at George Washington University Medical Center with responsibility for the clinical implementation of the Mid-Atlantic Neutron Therapy program. This was followed by his becoming Director of Medical Physics at Inova Hospital Association where he developed a department of 14 staff covering all areas of medical physics. He moved to the NCI in 2001 and is a Program Director in the Extramural Radiation Research Program.

During his career he has published in various areas of radiological physics including:  high energy photon beam production of neutrons and electrons; neutron dosimetry; shielding design; treatment planning quality assurance; operations research in radiation therapy; and quality assurance in clinical practice. His current portfolio includes the Radiological Physics Center and the Advanced Technology Consortium.

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